Am the son of the soil, I have no other place than my constituency (Kosofe) Hon. Alebiosu Sikiru Ademola

Hon. Alebiosu Sikiru Ademola candidate representing Kosofe constituency II Lagos

Am son of the soil, I have no other place than my constituency (Kosofe)

Hon. Alebiosu Sikiru Ademola the candidate for Kosofe constituency II under PDP cleared the air over the rumour flying around while speaking to the group of new decamped member of APC on Monday that if he is being elected there is probability of him leaving the constituency.

He started in his word that “I spent 35years of my life in Kosofe. Perhaps, my first place to be employed and work as a youth is at owode onirin. Likewise, the first house I rented when I was a bachelor is Owode elede and presently living in Alapere.”

However, he made it known to them that ever since he has been in Kosofe he has never moved out of Kosofe for no reason, and he will never have such a thought to leave his people irrespective.

The candidate representing PDP in December 5th bye election made it know that he have big plans for the people especially the youth who are the centre of his agenda. He promises to empowered as many as youth who are willing to have handiwork. Also, to create a vocational centre where thousands of youth will be trained in other to be self-employed.

Hon. Alebiosu stated further that come December 6th he will celebrate his victory across the constituency by God grace.

He assured the people of his constituency peaceful election and hereby urge them to come out in mass by December 5th and vote their conscience without being intermediated by the opposition party who has being sending their thugs around towards this election. He told the people to make sure they stand by their vote on the day of election until their vote counts.

2023 Election: INEC Announces Resumption Of Voter Registration

Mahmood Yakubu INEC chairman

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced that the Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) exercise will commence in the first quarter of 2021 ahead of the 2023 general election.

The sum of N1billion has also been earmarked by INEC for the exercise.

This announcement was made on Wednesday by Chairman of the Electoral body, Professor Mahmood Yakubu during a budget defence session with the Senate Committee on INEC.

Professor Yakubu during the session said he is in support of diaspora voting and called on the National Assembly to amend the Electoral Act to accommodate diaspora and early voting.

The INEC boss is also seeking approval of the Senate to spend N5.2 billion from the special INEC fund to make up for the shortfall in the 2020 budget which was cut because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

INEC had earlier in October said the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the voter registration exercise.

The Chief Press Secretary to the commission said the virus was still very much in the community and CVR is a national exercise that requires the mobilisation of a lot of equipment, materials, and personnel.

I want to become IG of Police~ Gift Osayuhi

Gift Osayuhi

Few days ago, the story of 11years old boy who wore a police uniform broke on internet as he was arrested by the Edo state police for being part of hoodlums who broke into Oba market police station.

A press release was issue out yesterday by some Samaritan who came into the rescue of the young boy from police net who mother is a widow. Prior to this time the Nigeria police had said they will charge the innocent boy to juvenile court for prosecution. In the press release, the good Samaritans says;

“We have been able to secure the unconditional release of the 11-year-old boy by name Gift Osayuhi whose picture went viral on social media yesterday for allegedly joining some miscreants to break into Oba Market Police station, took their police uniform, wore it and declared himself as the new IG of Police during the END SARS protest.

The boy was released to us after we undertook to rehabilitate and reform him.

The young boy said his dream is to become the IG of Police, and we also undertook to ensure the boy is giving a proper education to help him achieve his dream.

We sincerely thank Edo State Commissioner of Police and Edo State Ministry of Justice for the kind understanding and cooperation. We also met with his mother who told she is a widow who takes care of the children alone and the little boy usually assist her to sell water and drinks in Ring road. Kola Edokpayi.”

Gift Osayuhi after he was released from police net.

The youth have to come in and push us out. They must! ~ Mallam Nasri El-Rufai Gov. Of Kaduna

HE. Gov. Nasri El-Rufai Governor of Kaduna state

The debate of youth becoming the power house of any electioneering campaign in Nigeria is non-negotiable come 2023.

All these issue arises after Nigeria youth came out to agitate for #endsars #endpolice brutality.

They further shifted post of their agitation to end bad governance and made it known, stated it categorically that come 2023 youth will take over this country after they have created their own political party called YDP Nigeria Youth Democratic Party

The governor of Kaduna state HE. Mallam Nasri El-Rufai emphatically gave his opinion in a viral video circulated on the internet.

In his speech, he categorically charged the youth to come out and fight for the position of power if truly they wanted to move this country forward. He made his direction of speech cleared by urging the youth to be more engaged in electoral process. Says; “the way to changed your environment is to get involved in the electoral process and get engaged by coming out to fight for power.

Until we improve the quality of people that push themselves out whether the election count or not this will not result to better outcome

He challenged the people in Diaspora to come home and make selection in type of people that govern our country rather to be criticizing people in government. In other words, he said people with ideas don’t come out to contest in election but good at criticism. He appealed to them to come home and get involved in politics to make a change in Nigeria rather than criticism. Their criticism will change nothing until they get involved!

The former minister of Federal Capital Territory between 2003-2007; and the director of bureau of public enterprises says he regretted not joining politics at his tender age that he realized his mistake after he left office as minister of Federal Capital Territory and moved out to join politics.

However, he gave his views on how the youth can totally get involved in politics also made it known that anybody above 60 is not technically inclined as the technology changes and improving on a daily bases as many of them does now know how to operate computer nowadays. The second term governor of Kaduna state appeal to the youth to get engaged in politics by now that the only way to correct what the former leaders have failed to do is to get involved in politics as it will take their time, they will get frustrated, and they will be disappointed. But, in all these, never loose focus. You have to continue because of this country and because of the future.

In his statement, he said, “so far young people stay away from political settings thinking change will come, it will not come until they get involved by spending their time, money and align themselves in position of power. Nobody gives power, you have to work for it.

The youth have to come in and push us out. They must!

Lekki toll-gate turmoil was masterminds by politicians ~Areona Kakanfo of Yoruba land Gani Adams

Otunba Gani Adams Areona Kakanfo of Yoruba Land.

Politicians are the one sponsoring thugs to disrupt protests. I can prove that”. Do you have protest in Orilẹ before Police Station was burnt there? It was a ploy for government to have justification to declare curfew.

Going through the ordeal on 20/10/2020 at Lekki toll-gate, a lot of debate had been on with series of views and investigation towards the massacre and uses of excessive force on the peaceful protest which is barbaric and doesn’t show a true Democratic government.

The Areona kakanfo gave his views towards, the turmoil of the peaceful protest at the Lekki toll-gate, recounting and analysing what transpired last week, he made it known in an interview with Arise News on Sunday.

Stated that the whole saga started with the burning of Orile police station which was led by some hoodlums, who are not part of the protest but sponsored to perpetrated such uncivilized action in other for government to pronounce curfew which will eventually stop the protest.

Giving his count as a Leader of Yoruba land who has tentacles across the Local governments throughout the Yoruba land which was given some sensitive information about all what transpired last week. He said, there has never been a peaceful protest that lasted for days like this, and the agitation of the youth is to end police brutality and called for Reformation of police force also demanded for increase in their salary which will reduce brutality of the citizen and extortion of police force in our country.

The burning of Orile police station was the first recorded in the Nigeria during this protest and it was masterminds by some element who was used to disrupt this peaceful protest which our politician knows about.

Nevertheless, the anger led to burning of police station was triggered by unlawful arrest, police brutality, extortion and incessant killing of people by some police personnel. The miscreants have been looking for opportunity like this to carry out this shady plans which was sponsored by politicians. Which I totally condemn. Burning police station is uncalled-for because we need maximum security to protect our country.

Areona Kakanfor made it know that he had done his best to preach peace to the people involved and to bring lasting solution to the problem on ground which is total restructure or the state restore to anarchy.

Government is looking for every means to arrest me thinking I will be leading the protest. They had planned to pick me up. but how would they arrest the whole Areona kakanfor of Yoruba land. I want to state it categorically that the government knows about how the peaceful protest was truncated across the country. He condemned using of force against the Lekki toll-gate protesters says he had previously sent a letter to the government warning of using excessive force on the protesters will resorts to riot which we are seen.

Hon. Alebiosu Sikiru Ademola condole with the family of lost souls in Lekki toll-gate, suspend his political campaigns

Hon. Alebiosu Sikiru Ademola PDP candidate Lagos House of Assembly bye-election

The candidate of Peoples Democracy Party Lagos State House of Assembly in kosofe constituency II condole with the family of people who lost their lives in Tuesday Lekki toll-gate plaza massacre. In a statement issued, he narrated his stands towards this barbaric ordeals.

The moment I read through the press release by Mr. Olusola Babajide Sanwo-Olu the Governor of Lagos State yesterday Tuesday 20th October 2020 imposing curfew on Lagos in a bid to stop the unarmed innocent protesters from their agitations and requests effective from 4pm having no concern for citizens welfare who were out early enough to fern for their survival and family, I sensed a looming danger which actually did happen.

Everyone could see the level of evils out played since 7pm yesterday : the intentional removal of CCTV cameras, leaving the Lekki toll-gate blackout by disconnecting the electricity in order to have a clean sheet perpetration of their evils, the killings of unarmed innocent protesters across Lagos state by Nigerian soldier in uniform.

I want to believe this government haven’t forgotten this is Democracy where every citizen should enjoy fundamental human rights as provided in Nigeria 1999 constitution which are not meant to be infringed upon.

Hmm… I would like to drop this here that, everyone has written down his/her history by their actions and inaction. To the innocent youth who had lost their lives in the course of the struggle to see a new Nigeria where all right are respected, where lawlessness will be a thing of the past, a corruption free nation, I condole with their families and do implore those of us still alive to stay calm with caution as God is watching and the world at large too.

I’m strongly in support of the agitation and struggle of our teeming youth for total liberation & better Nigeria and togetherness, we shall overcome.
To the people in authority, do what is necessary to calm the situation order than aggravating it explosion, call the security personnel to order to cease fire and stop the killing of Nigeria youth and our future.

I hereby suspend all my political activities until normalcy is regained. Also pray that God grant the family of yesterday massacre the fortitude to bear the lost. Nigeria shall be great again!

Alebiosu Sikiru Ademola
Kosofe constituency II House of Assembly
PDP Candidate.

Am not dead am Alive ~ Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus Nollywood actress

Am not dead ~ Eniola Badmus

The end SARS protest that has been lingering, putting NIGERIA unrest for days after the youth had refused to leave the street, demanding for end against police brutality, unjust killing of innocent souls and reformation of entire police force has turned to a bloody Tuesday few hours after the executive governor of Lagos State, Gov. Babajide Sanwolu declared curfew across the state.

As the agitation of the youth yet to met, the protest had gave birth to demanding of Good governance and calling for an end of many irregularities in Nigeria systems of governance.

It was recorded that the peaceful ongoing protest turns to be a black Tuesday in some part of Nigeria, especially in Lekki toll-gate where they refused to dance to the tone of state government.

Despite the fact that the Lagos State government order the removal of CCTV cameras around the area, also switch off all the light in the environment to make sure they lay ambush on the unarmed protesters while the Police and Nigeria Army fully armed to teeth began to shoot sporadically at the protesters in the blackout.

It was recorded that one of the Nollywood celebrities Eniola Badmus was shot at the scene of the protest which her news has been flying around social media.

On a contrary to the news, Eniola Badmus took to her Instagram page in a short video made available to debunk the rumour around social media that she was shot dead. According to her; “I am not dead, am Hale and hearty, I wasn’t shot, as you can see me am in good condition. I appreciate everyone who has taken it upon themselves to check of me. I don’t even leave my estate today I was just around my area. You can see my neck no bullet, I appreciate all the celebrities and everyone that has taken it upon themselves to check on me thanks and God bless”.

#endsars #endpolicebrutality #endbadgovernment #reformpoliceforce

The only through test of INEC degree of readiness will be on election day ~BOG

Hon. Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi signing the peace agreement during INEC stakeholders meeting

In preparedness of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) towards the upcoming bye-election in Lagos east senatorial district, INEC calls for stakeholders meeting, which all candidate contesting in Oct.31st bye-election were present for total orientation, also to sign a peace agreement with INEC to ensure a free and fair election.

In an interview with exponent-plusnews on Thursday 15th of October during the stakeholders meeting, PDP senatorial candidate Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi made it known that the only true test of INEC degree of readiness is on election day. Urge INEC to provide a level playing field for all the political parties in other to have a free and fair election come 31st of October this year.

In his statement “we are doing everything necessary to sensitize the electorate despite the fact that there will be apathy during the election based on the fact that it is bye-election not general election”

Also, Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi shows his deep feeling and displeasure in government telling Nigerians of feeding school children during Covid-19 pandemic while the schools not in session.

He narrated that nobody was actually come out to say that their children benefited in school feeding during this pandemic after acclaimed of over 25billion naira was donated for palliative by well-to-do meaningful Nigerians to the government. While government claimed feeding school children at home during the pandemic. This shows the high level of corruption we have in our country.

He made it know that people have raised support for the youth on protesting ground showing their grievances against SARS extra judicial killing of the citizen they are meant to protect. Also, their action is a strong warning to the politician who believes they can always have their way without paying close attention to the needs of the masses.

Towards the ongoing protest across the country, he stated that; “it is rogue police officers that is carrying out brutality and brigands in the police force and the killing has to stop” the PDP senatorial candidate commended the Inspection General (IG) for his quick response towards the agitation of people by disbanded SARS. But, he did not agree with the creation of SWAT after disbanding SARS says, it is too early. Calls for state policing and total reform of police across the country.

Since I joined PDP, no House of Assembly Candidate has ever work like Hon. Alebiosu ~ Deacon Segun Aroyewun

Deacon Segun Aroyewun

Since I joined PDP, no House of
Assembly has ever work like Alebiosu Deacon

The PDP Aspirant in Kosofe constituency II House of Assembly primary, Deacon Segun Aroyewun made this confession during a reconciliation meeting held at the LGA Secretariat on Monday. In his statement why expressing his gladness towards the choice of PDP delegates in during the primary election, “I am so happy in the choice of PDP candidate, people have spoken during the primary, and they have made their choice. I am not bitter in the choice of the people, am very glad that this is happening at the right time.

Since I joined PDP in 2011, I can categorically say this that I have never seen any House of Assembly candidate that works like Hon. Alebiosu Sikiru Ademola. I am really impressed with the way he took the election serious also by his aggressive manner of his campaign. Hon. Alebiosu is energetic, full of zeal and determination of winning this election.

Now we have a candidate that fit the vacuum and I believe victory is certain as am ready to give my full support for him. Together, victory is sure come Oct. 31st 2020.

Thinking School Unlocks Business Initiatives To Tackle Unemployment

Thinking School Unlocks Business Initiatives To Tackle Unemployment

Daring the Odds. 2020 will go down as one year that shocked everyone. It didn’t matter what plans you had hatched prior to the year or the thoughts you have penned down in your diary; 2020 surprised everyone. It took a lot for many to come to terms and the year took flight and seemed like nothing will work.

Many would argue that the things we adopted during the peak of the pandemic weren’t new things, they only got prominence. Such is the story of business, innovation and principles.

As it has been widely acknowledged, principles are global and can be adopted/adapted, so is the fact that nothing is new in business – if you are toying with an idea in your head, and delaying execution, someone else will spring same idea even in better forms.
With the effects of the pandemic biting hard on lives of individuals and their businesses, Thinking School Nigeria stepped into the arena where the giants feared to walk.

The team designed programmes and products to help Nigerians mitigate the effects of covid19 on their businesses.

It wasn’t the first time Thinking School dared the odds.
In 2016, Thinking School took a risk on entrepreneurial virgins and incubated them, today they’re doing fine with quality service and unique customer care service in agriculture, confectioneries, fashion and agro allied industries. In the words of the founder, Michael Olaniyan, “Our knack for asking the right questions and ignoring sentiment is what pushes us to be better – and when we dare the odds, it is not for show off. We interrogate our situations analytically and tow the path with the highest possible return.”

When their free online classes took full force in March, it looked like it won’t go far but here we’re today. The class held every week for 7 months and counting, bringing to bare the team’s wealth of experience and technical ability to deliver time worthy and future proof steps to business and career development.

The Project manager, Abayomi Sarumi says, “We dare the odds and we question the status quo but we never lose sight of our realities. We are not bent on dishing contents and forgetting the core of our message.

This is what sets us apart – our message keys into the reality of Nigerians and it’s why we can easily help individuals and businesses.”

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